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UpCycle spin studio in need of audio solution

Upcycle AV Install

… quality system solves noise issues

UpCycle is a unique spin cycle studio in the heart of Potts Point situated in the basement of a residential apartment complex. A critical component of their business is the ability to create a great motivational environment with music. However, this created challenges within the apartment complex. In order to avoid having to relocate the business they enlisted the expertise of The P.A. People to design a new system which met both the needs of their patrons and accommodated the apartment complex residents. 

The original sound system was not optimised for the room. The P.A. People Installed systems team designed a new system based on 8 ceiling mounted BOSE RoomMatch® RMU206 loudspeakers for even sound dispersion as well as projecting sound down onto the studio cyclists. The Amplifier used was a BOSE PowerMatch® PM8250 configurable 8 Channel power amplifier. The optimal design of the system meant that minimal sound was heard outside the studio and the apartments. This has resulted in an ideal outcome for residents and studio owners.

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