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CX Magazine
Sound Challenge
Brett Steele explains how the Sydney Showground Stadium provided state-of-the-art sound for the T20 Women’s World Cup opening.
>> Australian Leisure Magazine


CX Magazine
The P.A. People Bring Experience, Quality and Assurance to the Fore
The P.A. People’s comprehensive experience spans the country, providing fit-for-purpose system solutions for nearly 50 years.
>> ETA Magazine - July 2020


CX Magazine
Media Transport “The Boring Bit”

In our role as one of the world’s leading event communications system suppliers, we are often asked to provide a transport solution for audio and/or video signals around a venue, across a city, or indeed around the world.
>> CX Magazine - August 2019


CX Magazine
Clear-Com Freespeak II

For years, simple and reliable full-duplex wireless communications has been somewhat of a holy grail for intercom manufacturers.
>> CX Magazine - May 2019


CX Magazine
More Audio for Sport

The P.A. People prescribe Bose and Linea Research for Sydney FC.
>> CX Magazine - February 2019



2018 Nov TheRoundhouse MDR
The Roundhouse UNSW
An organisation of students and alumni that manage the venue - initiated an 18-month project to give The Roundhouse the thorough refurbishment it has long deserved.
>> Mondo DR Magazine - November 2018


The Riverside Stables
Sydney Showground Stadium Upgrade and T20 Women’s World Cup Celebration

The P.A. People are Australia’s professional audio vendor with a significant capability to execute both an audio system design for a venue of this scale and deliver a complementary rental solution for a large-scale event.
>> SIA Magazine - June - July 2020


The Riverside Stables
The Riverside Stables

William Inglis & Son embrace both heritage and high-tech with The P.A. People.
>> CX Magazine - March 2019



AV Magazine Interview WilliamInglis
Interview - Stable AV Networking

Inglis thoroughbred sales turn over hundreds of millions of dollars. Now it has a signage and IPTV system that keeps pace.
>> AV Asia Pacific Magazine - November 2018


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